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 English Teacher

Mario A. Becerra has been an educator for 19 years.  He started his teaching career at John C. Fremont High School in South Los Angeles in 2001.  Mario A. Becerra has been at James A. Garfield High School since 2010; over the years, he has taught every level of English available including various Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and Expository Reading and Writing classes.  He came to America way back in 1987 when his parents decided to leave their relative comfort in Mexico in order to give their five children a shot at the American Dream.  Mario A. Becerra lived in East Los Angeles for the next 20 years.  Somewhere in between, he learned to speak English at Belvedere Junior High School, graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School, received his Bachelor of Arts in English, Secondary Teaching Credential, and Master of Arts in English from the California State University of Los Angeles. He is an East Los Angeles kid through and through.

2020-2021 courses: Honors Advanced Comp(12th grade), ERWC AB (12th grade), Honors English 10B

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